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Who am I

My name is Pauleen Wainwright

I have created Express Video Explainers as a hot new video creation agency with a single mission statement: to ensure that high quality video marketing is available to everyone.

I am an highly committed individual with a wealth of training and experience . I am  very passionate about what I do and I am constantly learning and upgrading my equipment and software to ensure I can take full advantage of modern techniques and approaches.

Take a look around my site to see examples of my video creation. You’ll notice that these are highly polished, professional-looking videos that wouldn’t seem out of place in a television advertising campaign, or on one of the top YouTube channels. This is what you need in order to stand out, grab attention and position yourself as a leading authority in your niche.

Video has the power to engage and captivate in ways that no other medium can – but if the lighting is off, or the sound is grainy, then it can have the complete opposite effect. Express Video Explainers accomplishes top tier production values through a combination of talent, passion, hard work and cutting edge hardware and software

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