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Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography videos are probably the most entertaining to watch, that is if the creator executes it flawlessly. The wordplay, interesting colors, and graphics hooks the viewer in and at the same time convey all the important information!

Using powerful words in motion is what kinetic typography videos are all about. Creating a visual message with words that vary in size, colour, and font that fly, float, expand, shake and turn, keeps your audience engaged while solidifying your message. With a strong script and convincing voice-over, kinetic typography can pack a visual punch. Words in motion capture and hold the attention of your audience. Use of words and colours that are brand specific creates brand awareness.

If your business fits the following criteria, kinetic typography may be the best choice for you:

  • Any business on a budget that wants to incorporate video marketing
  • Any business that creates presentations and wants to capture attention
  • Direct call to action messages that do not require characters

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